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Similan Islands form an archipelago of 9 picturesque islands stretching from North to South. Similan is derived from the Malay Sembilan word which means “nine” so it is also called Island number 9. These spectacular islands are located around 84 km away to the northwest of Phuket. Similan Islands are part of the Marine National Park and are uninhabited and endowed with natural beauty and spectacular landscape. The Similan archipelago is open from 15th May to 15th October and closed the rest of the year during monsoon season.

Many day tours and trips operate from Phuket or Khao Lak on the mainland. To get to the amazing Similan Islands, take a boat from the pier in Khao Lak or from Phuket. Most of the day tours include transfers to the pier. Make the most of your time in the tropical paradise of Similan Islands and witness coral sand beaches, clear turquoise water, and spectacular views of jungle topped islands. Book your day trips and tours online so that you don’t miss out on anything.

There are a number of companies offering day tours and trips to the Similan Islands. The best way to get to Similan Islands is to choose a tour with a speedboat as it will save a lot of your time. The Similan Islands are absolutely stunning with rich marine life and vibrant corals that you have never witnessed before.

Besides its breathtaking landscapes, the Similan Islands are popular for their top-notch diving and snorkeling opportunities. If you love snorkeling or diving then you should not miss snorkeling or diving here. You can explore the diverse underwater world and encounter endangered species. Enjoy swimming, and sunbathing on the most beautiful beaches of the Similan Islands.

The Similan Islands day tours are among the best snorkeling destinations in the world. The clear blue tropical water has high visibility of 20 meters making it perfect for snorkeling and diving. Explore the magical underwater world, and diving spots, and witness the incredible coral formations.

Koh Payu: (Island No 7)

koh payu similan islands phuket

Koh Payu is a beautiful island with scenic beaches and clear waters. Your day tour will stay here and you can experience amazing snorkeling and diving. Witness the vibrant sea life and sea creatures that are found among the dense coral reef.

It is one of the popular attractions of the Similan Islands. If you are looking for a lovely island escape then Koh Payu is the best island to be explored. Most divers choose the eastern shores of the island for diving and snorkeling as an abundance of wildlife can be seen from there. The eastern shores are well known for soft and hard corals such as sea fans and a variety of fish.

Koh Similan Island: (Island No 8)

koh similan islands phuket

Koh Similan Island is the biggest and most beautiful island in the archipelago of Similan Islands. It has a breathtaking landscape with huge rocks and boulders, a white sandy beach, and crystal clear water. The Similan Islands day tour will take you to Koh Similan and give you enough time to explore the bays, beaches, and rock formations.

Koh Similan has a charming beach and a bay on the north side of the island and is named after a pile of rocks that look like Donald Duck’s head. Sail rock formations and Donald Duck Bay are the famous attractions of the island.

The Donald Duck Bay is the perfect spot for snorkeling and diving. The electric blue water along with the enchanting coral reefs make your experience of diving amazing. You will see the vibrant sea life including colorful fishes, sharks, turtles, and spiny lobsters. Spend some time at the sailboat rock and enjoy the breathtaking views of the bays and beaches. It is the best viewpoint of the island where you can relax and take amazing pictures.

Koh Similan is the ultimate dream destination chosen by tourists. They love to take a day trip to Koh Similan from Phuket and Khao Lak to admire the natural beauty and landscape of the island. It offers a lot of adventure as you can hike the nature trail up the high mountain of Mu Koh and also explore the dense forest.

Koh Ba Ngu: (Island No 9)

koh ba ngu similan islands phuket

Set out to Koh Ba Ngu Island on your day tour. It is located on the northernmost side of the Similan Islands. It has a huge boulder formation in the center of the island with lush green trees. Enjoy the charming scenery and sunrise early in the morning when there is no crowd and enjoy calmness.

Koh Ba Ngu is a stunning island with water sports activities. It is a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Locals and tourists plan a day tour and indulge in diving and snorkeling.
It has amazing diving spots for every kind of diver from beginning to expert level. Make your way to an arch of the reef, Breakfast Laden on the eastern side of Koh Ba Ngu. You can experience the wonderful marine life and coral reefs under crystal clear water. Koh Ba Ngu is fairly busy during the day as many boats are traveling to the island for day trips and tours.

Koh Miang (Island No 4)

koh miang similan islands phuket

Koh Miang is the final stop on the day tour. You can reach this island only by boat. It is a splendid island in the Andaman sea where you can relax and lay down on soft white sand. Take photos and enjoy the scenic views and refresh yourself.

The clear water and coral reefs are visible and you can see them while swimming and snorkeling in the warm water. You will see thousands of colorful fishes and turtles. This island is not crowded so you can enjoy the seclusion and have a wonderful time.