chalong temple phuket

Chalong Temple Phuket is the historic and most revered Buddhist temple in Phuket’s Chalong Bay. For centuries, locals come to pray every day while tourists learn about Buddhism and its rituals. Its official name is Wat Chaitararam, but it is popularly known as Wat Chalong. It is located about 8 km southwest of Phuket Town.

Thai people believe that the temple often experiences miracles. It is also known for its pivotal and healing role in the fighting between Chinese secret societies in 1876. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century. It is a beautiful temple with intricate details of art and architecture.

Chalong Temple is one of the most popular temples in Phuket, drawing groups of worshippers and tourists alike. This temple has deep religious and dedicated importance with its rich history as well as a sacred relic on its grounds. People come here to participate in different rituals, like offering candles, joss sticks, and many more.

Wat Chalong Temple is the most visited temple in Phuket. It is popular because it has statues of many important personalities. Poh Than Jao is one of the most significant Buddhist statues within Wat Chalong. You will see 2 more statues in the old hall of the temple. Ta Khee Lek statue of a gentleman who had won many lotteries and Nonsi statue.

There is another hall of the temple that displays beautiful statues of Luang Pu Chuam and Luang Pu Gleum who were the temple’s abbots. The grand tower of Wat Chalong is known to have a splinter of Lord Buddha’s bone. The tower is a center of attention, where devotees come to pray and learn more about Buddha’s teachings. The temple has intricate wall paintings and ceilings illustrating Buddha’s life story and images.

chalong temple phuket the most visited temple of phuket

Wat Chalong stupa consists of 3 floors where you can climb and reach the top floor. All floors have gold statues. From the top floor enjoy the bird view on the beautiful temple grounds. A few more steps on the third floor will take you to a glass display where a fragment of bone can be observed. The temple has splendid gardens decorated with lush green trees and flowers.

It is a holy place for locals where they pray, meditate and pay respects to monks who were the founders of Wat Chalong. It is a place of worship for locals so visitors should dress up properly and cover their shoulders, chest and legs. They should not wear shoes when entering the prayer hall and chedi. Visitors should also be careful not to stand over or position themselves higher than any Buddha images.

Chalong Temple is the largest in Phuket. It is one of the must-see places to visit in Phuket. Thai people make merit by offering lotus flowers while adding a small piece of gold paper to the monk’s statues inside. You will also hear the sound of firecrackers as they express their gratitude when their wishes come true. On the side of the temple, a number of shops sell all kinds of souvenirs and gift items. There are some shops located outside the temple ground selling religious items.

Funfairs are also organized, occasionally displaying a lot of food stalls, plenty of Thai games, and stage performances. It is fun, and entertaining for families and children to enjoy and visit the temple. Chalong Temple Phuket is a nice place that is included in most of the excursions and tours of Phuket.

The experience of Visiting Chalong Temple will have a deep impression on your inner soul and give you peace. After learning about the life of Buddha you will feel enlightened spiritually. It is worth visiting the Chalong Temple Phuket.