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Big Buddha Phuket is one of the most popular and iconic landmarks on the island. It is located on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata areas. The Big Buddha Phuket is a 45-meter tall white marble statue, which can be seen from as far away as Phuket Town and Karon Beach. This majestic site offers the best views of the island, with panoramic views of Phuket Town, Kata, Karon, Chalong Bay and more.

Phuket Big Buddha is a must-visit place that should be on your bucket list. It can be reached through a 6 km winding road leading from Chalong’s main road. The panoramic views from the top are absolutely stunning. It is a beautiful and revered temple visited by thousands of locals and tourists everyday. Its official name is “Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Akenakakiri”, which means the gloriously honorable Buddha on the top of the Naga Hill.

The Big Buddha statue is surrounded by lush green hills and the atmosphere is very peaceful. The statue is made of concrete, layered with splendid Burmese white marble that shines brightly in the sun. There is another attractive Buddha statue, which is gold in color standing next to Big Buddha. There are many smaller statues of Buddha and of revered monks.

Before climbing up the stairs to Big Buddha, enjoy the charming view from the base. Admire the incredible panorama view of lush green hills and the bay dotted with white sailboats. You will also see the big Naga on either side of the staircase as you climb up the Big Buddha. The Big Buddha image is magnificent and just below the Buddha, you will see some statues of military generals.

The Big Buddha statue is the third tallest statue in Thailand. From the top of the temple, you will get to see breathtaking views of the bays and beaches. Facing the statue is Chalong Bay, and far away you will see Phi Phi Archipelago when the weather is clear. Further, on the west, another short staircase will take you to a gallery from where you will witness a stunning view of Kata Bay and Promthep Cape. The best spot to see Karon Beach is to stop by on the way up. From there, you will admire the beautiful view of the beach.

Some of the visitors like to climb the mountain and look at the gorgeous seascape from the peak’s classic point. You can walk around while eating snacks and drinks as it is a huge and impressive temple. Take photos for your Instagram and relax on the benches and staircase.

On your way up to the hill, you will see many restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can eat delicious food and enjoy the panoramic views. Enjoy your time at Nak Kerd Seaview Café with a splendid view of Karon Beach. Enjoy delicious Thai food, coffee, drink, or a beer in an enchanting place.

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There are many ways to reach the Big Buddha. You can walk to Big Buddha through a hillside path on Patok Road in Karon Beach. You have to climb 2.5 km. The climb is not too steep but it is recommended to climb if you are physically strong and have no medical problems.

Big Buddha Phuket is a popular tourist destination visited by hundreds of locals and foreigners. It is a place of worship for locals, they come here to meditate, give offerings, and donate money. Since it is a holy place for locals, the tourists should dress appropriately. If you are not properly dressed, you can ask for Sarong at the site center to cover up.

The Big Buddha attracts visitors all day but it gets crowded during sunset. Visitors gather here to enjoy the magnificent views of the sunset. The changing colors of the sky are breathtaking over the scenery of Phuket and beaches. Take memorable photos and enjoy the beautiful scenes. Surely it is a worth visiting place in Phuket.