best areas to visit in phuket-2022 guide to beaches temples towns

1. Patong Area
2. Kata Area
3. Karon
4. Old Town Area
5. Chalong Area
6. Mai Khao Area
7. Bang Tao
8. Kamala Area
9. Rawai Area

Phuket is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. It is well known for its gorgeous beaches, turquoise water, and beautiful surroundings. Let’s explore some of the best areas to visit in Phuket.


1- Patong Area

bangla walking street phuket

Patong refers to the beach and town on Phuket’s west coast facing the Andaman Sea. Patong Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Phuket. It is a 3 km long sandy beach, surrounded by coconut and palm trees separating the shore from the main road. The distance between Patong and Phuket Airport is only 24 km. It is easy to access by all means of transport.

It is a busy and crowded place, although mornings are less crowded. It is famous for its amazing nightlife, where you can find many bars, massage parlors, nightclubs, and restaurants and enjoy traditional Thai and international food in the busy streets of Patong. There are many attractions in Patong such as Bangla Road, Simon Cabaret, Live music bars, Kudo Beach Club and Bangla boxing stadium where you can have fun at night.

These places are very appealing to tourists for charming nightlife clubs, gorgeous beaches, luxury resorts, rainforests with superb waterfalls. Soi Bangla is famous for its lively nightlife, your visit to Phuket is not complete without visiting it at night. You can go for a walk, do some shopping and enjoy live music, dining, and street performances.

There are two popular tourist spots Freedom Beach, and Paradise Beach where people enjoy the beauties of nature, surrounded by lush green hills, making it a little paradise to fall in love with it. Another famous place to visit in Patong is Jungceylon Shopping Mall. It is amazing family entertainment with local and branded shops, a cinema, and a 16 lane bowling alley onsite. Patong town and Beach has it all so make it your next travel destination in Phuket.


2- Kata Area

Kata Area beaches in phuket best areas to visit in phuket 2022 guide

Kata beach is situated to the south of Karon and possibly the most beautiful beach in Phuket. It is 1.5 km long with two stretches of golden sand separated by huge rocks. The distance between Kata and Phuket Airport is 46.6 km. It is a family-friendly destination in Phuket as it is less crowded, as compared to Patong.

It offers many resorts, hotels, and restaurants for families with activities ready to be enjoyed. The southern side of the beach is best for families as it becomes shady after midday. It has an amazing nightlife with café, bars, and dance clubs where you can party all long. It is a favorite holiday spot for tourists.

You can enjoy Southeast Asia’s best food in plenty of hotels and restaurants. You can enjoy the Kata viewpoint as it is one of the most visited and best places to visit in Phuket. This point is locally known as “Saam-had” – three beach viewpoints from where you can enjoy panoramic views of Kata Noy, Kata Yai, and Karon beaches.

It gets a little crowded during the high season from December to January, but during the low season around September to October, you will experience the serenity and enjoy sunbath and relaxing on the beach.

You can have fun at the Dino park mini golf with your family. You can also visit the surf house where surfers can ride the waves, no matter how the weather is. You can also visit Kata Temple which has been recently rebuilt with its full glory of the past. You will find one of the most serene Buddha statues on the ground.


3- Karon Area


Karon Area refers to a beach and the town adjoining it on the west coast of Phuket. This beach is in the western part of Phuket. It spans more than 3 km. It is not too crowded although it is one of the best places to visit in Phuket. It has a quieter vibe than other close beaches. It is a popular destination for tourists.

The beach is long and wide enough for people to find a peaceful spot to relax freely. It offers a wide range of hotels, restaurants, and recreation facilities to make your stay memorable. The distance between Karon and Phuket Airport is 45.6 km, so it’s easy to travel to Karon Beach by bus or taxi.

You can also visit another famous attraction here, the Way Suwan Khiri Khet, an ancient temple with stunning features. It is located at a distance of half a km from Karon Beach. For sightseeing, you can also visit the Karon viewpoint from where you can enjoy the beautiful sights of beaches and it also offers hiking opportunities for people who love adventure.

The nightlife experiences in Karon are centered around the bars off Patak Road. Karon Beach Square and Coast Beach Club Phuket offer seafront view dining areas, nightlife outlets, each of them with a specific style, cuisine, and ambiance.


4- Old Town Area

Old Town area Phuket

Phuket’s Old Town City is located in the southeastern portion of the island. It is the largest city in Phuket. It has a lot of attractions and nightlife that you will never forget. There are lots of shopping malls, restaurants, and accommodation for every kind of visitor. The distance between Phuket Airport and Old Town Area is 46 km. You can travel by bus, car, taxi or shuttle service available at the airport.

Phuket town is famous for its many heritage sites. You can visit museums, Buddhist temples, and shrines that were built years ago. If you want to see the real Phuket, you should surely visit the old town area and stay here for a night. You should go for a walk in the streets of Phuket town to see its old shophouses, Sino Portuguese mansions, temples, and shrines.

This place offers a lot of entertainment such as visiting the Phuket Trickeye Museum, an interactive 3 D art gallery, and Jui Tui Shrine, a colorful Chinese Temple. The architecture in the old town area reflects the influence of Chinese immigrants and a Portuguese aesthetic, which is quite different from the Thai style.

If you are in Old Town then Visit a hillside restaurant on top of Khao Rang is a must-see place. Tunk- Ka café is a favorite spot for both local and foreign visitors from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city with the best of local food.


5- Chalong Area


Chalong is a significant and vast area stretching along the east coast of Phuket island. It has a busy port, a residential area, and a shopping hub. It offers a wide range of activities like rock climbing, shooting, golf, go-karting, and paintball. Chalong is popular for many unique attractions and ancient temples such as Wat Chalong, the Big Buddha statue, Wat Lung PU Supa Temple, and Jungle Xtreme Adventures Park.

Wat Chalong is a historical monument and ancient Buddhas’s temple in Phuket’s Chalong Bay. It is the largest and most popular temple in Phuket. The architecture is unique and beautiful and draws visitors frequently every year. Wat Mai Luang pu supa is a beautiful temple in chalong. It displays a statue of Buddha in a sitting position with a seven-headed serpent over his head. It also has a museum exhibiting the monk’s life and works.


6- Mai Khao Area


Mai Khao is a beautiful beach stretching along the northwestern coast of the city. It is also known as Airport beach, as it is very close to the Phuket Airport. It is one of the best beaches in Phuket for those who want to be secluded. This beach is not crowded and is very calm, serene, and has a peaceful vibe. There is not much noise here as compared to other beaches on the island.

The northern portion of the beach is known as Hai sai Khao, along the sandy beach. The area around Mai Khao is still very calm and undeveloped as it is part of the Sirinath National Park. You can enjoy this beautiful beach with your family and friends without any disturbance.

If you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful holiday then Mai Khao is a must-visit place and it should be on your travel list. Visitors can stroll through the long coast and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, blue water, and fantastic surroundings. So plan your trip to Mai Khao beach.


7- Bangtao Area


Bangtao beach spans 6 kilometers in length making it Phuket’s longest beach. It is located on the island’s west coast. This beach is quite secluded and deserted as its northern part is generally very quiet and peaceful while its southern part consists of hotels and restaurants. You can easily go to bang tao beach from Phuket International Airport as the distance is only 11 km. You can travel to bang tao by bus, car, taxi, or shuttle service.

The blue water is flat, calm, and clear from November to April although the waves can get a little high between May and October so be careful while swimming. This beach attracts those who want to be isolated from the busy city life and enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere.

There are many beachfront hotels and beach clubs, offering a lively atmosphere in the evening. You can also find sun loungers on the beach provided by hotels exclusively to pamper their guests. There are small areas where you can rent a beach chair, but you can also find huge spaces to lay down on a mat for free. You can also visit Bluesiam beach club, Dream Beach Club, Cherngtaly Shrine, and Wat Cherngtaly to have more excursions in bang tao.


8 – Kamala Area


Kamala beach is a long stretch of white sand located around 9.5 km north of Patong in Phuket. It is a 2 km peaceful and quiet beach. It is a popular destination for visitors who love to indulge their senses in a serene and calm place. It is not very crowded, but it is one of the most visited beaches in Phuket.

Along a winding road leading to the beach, there are small hotels, apartments, and villas with all the facilities from where you can enjoy the incredible views of Kamala Bay. There are small stalls near the beach which offer mats and umbrellas to enjoy sunbath and beauty on the beach.

If you go towards the southern end of Kamala beach, you will find many beachfront hotels where you can enjoy Thai and International food at their onsite restaurants. Head towards the northern end you will see many stalls selling all kinds of Thai cuisines and snacks. You will also find luxury beach clubs such as Cafe Del Mar Phuket and HQ beach lounge which serve high-quality delicious food.

You can also visit Wat Ban Kamala, Pang Chang Kamala, Phuket Fantasea, Tsunami Memorial Park, and the Muslim cemetery to have more fun and gather information about these unique places.


9 – Rawai Area


Rawai beach is located in the southeast end of Phuket. It is close to Phuket town so people visit this beach with their families for an outing and enjoy a picnic in a peaceful area under the shady trees. It is a crowded beach with many local and international visitors. The distance between Phuket Airport and Rawai is 37 km and you can easily travel to Rawai. There are many interesting things to do in Rawai, besides lounging on the beach. It offers a friendly small-town atmosphere, inexpensive restaurants, and modern amenities.

If you like to escape the crowded beach, you can go to Promthep Cape, a popular tourist spot in Rawai. You can enjoy amazing views of the beach and spectacular sunset in the evening. Another attraction is Rawai Park Phuket, it is a must-see place for families. Children can enjoy the water park and playground area.

There is also another good place to visit in Rawai Wat Sawang Arom, a small but decorated temple of the Buddhist community. If you are in Rawai, you should also visit Phuket Seashell Museum. It displays some of the great seashells in the world.

Rawai Beach has multiple beachfront restaurants, eateries, and food stalls from where you can enjoy Thai food, and drinks with a fantastic view of Rawai Bay.