Wat Mongkhon Nimit phuket must see temples day trips

In Phuket, there are many Buddhist temples and Chinese Shrines to visit. There are a lot of Buddhist temples in Phuket. All of them are magnificent and historic in nature. If you want to learn more about Thai culture, history, people, and beliefs You should visit these temples and shrines.

1. Big Buddha Temple
2. Chalong Temple
3. Wat Mongkhon Nimit
4. Jui Tui Shrine
5. Wat Phra Tong
6. Wat Kitti Sang Kharam Temple
7. Wat Phra Nang Sang
8. Wat Khao Rang Sam Khitham
9. Wat Mongkol Wararam
10. Kio Thiam Keng Saphan Hin Shrine

Thailand is predominantly a mixture of Buddhism, Chinese, and Taoism. Most of the people are Buddhist so, you will see many Buddhist temples in Phuket. But you will also see many Chinese shrines, because of the Chinese community that migrated to Thailand hundreds of years ago.

Your visit to Phuket is not complete if you don’t visit beautiful temples and holy shrines in Phuket. Here is a list of 10 interesting must-see temples and shrines to visit in Phuket.


Big Buddha Temple

Big Buddha Temple phuket must see temples day trips

Big Buddha Temple is a very popular and important monument in Phuket. It is situated on the top of Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata. It is 45 m tall and can be seen from far-off places. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the island, and three stunning beaches of Kata, Karon, and Chalong Bay.

There is another small Buddha, which is 12 m tall, located in the same place. These two Buddhas were built to be devoted to the King and the Queen of Thailand with a donation by the Thai and foreigner people.

Big Buddha Temple is a must-see place to visit in Phuket. The Big Buddha statue is made up of white marbles and the small Buddha is made up of golden brass. The atmosphere is quite serene and peaceful here, and you can enjoy the tinkling of bells and the fluttering of flags in the compound. The views and the image of the great Buddha are really incredible.

It is one of the best tourist destinations in Phuket. More than 3000 people visit this spot every day. It is an amazing place to enjoy the sunset in the evening. It is a religious site, so you must cover your knees and shoulder. If you want to look at the peaceful sight of Buddhism, Big Buddha Temple is a perfect spot to visit in Phuket.


Chalong Temple

Chalong Temple most visited temple in Phuket

Chalong Temple is the largest and most visited temple in Phuket. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century. It is a historical landmark and Buddhist temple in Chalong’s Bay. People came here to pray and pay respect to Luang Poh Cham, who is well known for his empathy and curing power. It is officially called Wat Chaitrarum but most people call it Wat Chalong.

Many locals affirm that this sacred temple often experiences miracles. It is also known for its vital role in the fighting between Chinese secret societies in 1876. You will see many recent structures on the grounds of the temple. One that stands out is Chedi, the bone splinter of Buddha.

This tower is fully decorated with intricate paintings and carvings illustrating the life of Buddha as well as other golden statues. The grand tower has three floors so you can climb to the top floor and get a chance to see the entire magnificent temple’s exterior and interior.

The first 2 floors contain different statues of Buddha, which represent different phases of his life. The third floor is a glass chamber, which contains a bone relic of Buddha.

Chalong Temple is a must-see place in Phuket and attracts a lot of tourists every year. Visitors came here to learn more about Buddha’s teachings and worship him. It has beautiful gardens and amazing structures that will give you inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. It is one of the best ancient temples to visit in Phuket.


Wat Mongkhon Nimit

Wat Monkhon Nimit Temple is a worth visiting temple in Phuket

Wat Monkhon Nimit Temple is a worth visiting temple in Phuket. It is a large and beautiful temple located in Phuket Old Town near Thalang Road. It has a monastery compound, a colonial building used by the monks to study and live.

It has a chedi, a dome-shaped structure containing relics, and is used as a place of meditation. It shares its cultural heritage with the shrines in India and the chortens in Tibet.

It is an incredible temple in Phuket, which attracts a lot of tourists. It looks beautiful with red and golden color. You will see beautiful golden statues of Buddha inside the temple. These statues are very charming and huge in size.

You might have the opportunity to see the monks in their traditional orange outfits inside the temple. They are reciting the Buddhist scriptures in their saffron robes and also performing promising rituals.

Wat Monkhon Temple is a school for monks, where you will see teachers preaching to their students. Thai religious ceremonies are held in this temple, including funerals. A funeral is a sad event, but it’s a gathering of relatives and friends having lunch or dinner together.

Funerals are usually held in a smaller and anonymous-looking building in the back because it allows people to have dinner together under a large tent. People also donate in their own capacity. This temple is very sacred for people living in Thailand.


Jui Tui Shrine

Jui Tui Shrine is a traditional Chinese Temple

Jui Tui Shrine is a traditional Chinese Temple that plays an important role in the annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival. It is one of the ancient and revered spiritual centers in Phuket. It was founded in 1911 and is located in Soi Romanee in Phuket’s old town. After a fire, it was reconstructed in Soi Phuthorn.

The shrine is quite a popular spot now for tourists. It is an impressive shrine with 3 large altars displaying statues of Chinese gods. Its principal idol is Tean Hu Huan Soy, a Taoist god associated with performing artists and dancers. Chinese often regard him as their patron.

The statue is placed in the middle of the main altar, accompanied by a statue of a dog and a chicken by his side. They were his favorite pets since his childhood. There is an attractive firecracker house on the left-hand side of Jui Tui Shrine’s main building. You will see beautiful carvings of dragons around them.

People throw burning firecrackers here which helps reduce noise and air pollution. People also came here to know about their fortune, and to celebrate special occasions. If you are in Phuket, you should not miss Jui Tui Shrine.


Wat Phra Tong

Wat Phra Thong is a temple in Phuket

Wat Phra Thong is a temple in Phuket that is famous for housing a half-buried golden Buddha statue called Luang Poh Phra Thong on its grounds. This temple is believed to be one of the island’s oldest temples. It has many colorful buildings and attractive features. The main attraction is the Golden Buddha image which is half-buried and placed at the center of the temple.

Wat Phra Thong is a peaceful and pleasant place to visit in Phuket. The statue of Buddha was found by a monk when he was going on a pilgrimage. Later a temple was built around this holy image to preserve it. It has become a spiritual place for local communities.

The temple also has a fascinating museum, where you can see historical items donated by locals. You can see Chinese dowry baskets, Chinese teen-tuk foot-binding shoes, food carriers, cannons, and Javanese daggers. Wat Phra Thong is an interesting temple and you should visit it once in your life. It is a worth visiting temple in Phuket.


Wat Kitti Sang Kharam Temple

Wat Kitti Sang Kharam is a revered and fascinating temple

Wat Kitti Sang Kharam is a revered and fascinating temple that has preserved Lord Buddha’s relics inside the huge tower. The huge pagoda, a tower looks beautiful in white and gold color and is located just above the base. People visit this temple to pay respect for their good fortune.

The locals believe that the temple has the power of protection. It has protected the villagers of the town for centuries from dangers.

Wat Kitti Sang Temple is situated in the middle of the mountains. When you reach the temple you can feel the serenity and quietness in the atmosphere. The scenery is fantastic, the architecture is superb and you feel relaxed here.

You can see small houses, a village and water resources below the mountain. If you are in Phuket and love art, and culture this is a great chance to visit the incredible temple and get acquainted with some of the local culture and traditions.


Wat Phra Nang Sang

Wat Phra Nang Sang is a stunning temple with Buddha

Wat Phra Nang Sang is a stunning temple with Buddha statues covered in gold plates. It is one of the oldest temples on the island. This temple is located in Thalang District. It was built in honor of an innocent princess 500 years ago. It has been rebuilt and renovated many times.

It has many buildings that feature a lot of intricate ornaments, surrounded by a number of statues of diverse origins, from an armless cop standing next to a lion to the more logical Buddha images.

The temple is fully decorative with complex designs of Chinese and Thai mythology influence. The main attraction of the temple is the Buddha image, historic event morals, and colorful paintings on the walls of many buildings. The most significant elements in this temple are three ancient Buddha images.

The central building is classic in style and decorated with gold and red colors. You can see paintings inside representing Buddha’s life, and some historical events.


Wat Khao Rang Sam Khitham

Wat Khao Rang Temple

Wat Khao Rang Temple is located on the slope of the popular Khao Rang Hill in Phuket. In this temple, you will see a huge golden Buddha in a sitting position, which is one of a kind on the island. This gorgeous temple gets busy at weekends with local and foreign tourists. People visit this temple to adore its beauty and enjoy the charming viewpoint. You can also see some scenic restaurants and enjoy good food.

The amazing golden Buddha was built many years ago. It is a spiritual center for worshippers on the island. It was the first Big Buddha in Phuket until the Big Buddha in the Nakkerd Hills was built. This is one of the most beautiful temples to visit in Phuket.

The temple is surrounded by lush green mountains, making it very calm and peaceful. You should not miss a chance to walk around the temple to see some of the spectacular Thai art forms including a statue of the Lord of death and giants in Thai myths. Its walls and ceilings are fully ornamented with traditional paintings and carvings. For sure Wat Khao Rang is a must-see temple to visit in Phuket.


Wat Mongkol Wararam

Wat Mongkol Wararam - Wat Nai Yang ancient temple

Wat Mongkol Wararam also known as Wat Nai Yang is an ancient temple, located at Moo 1, Nai Yang. This is a sacred temple for Sakhu’s people. It is a dignified center for local people and tourists who like to worship ‘‘Por Than Nang Suea’’ the amulet of this temple.

In the past, he was an abbot and a pilgrim from Sisaket province. Nowadays, those who have passed by this temple must visit and worship him.

The location of Wat Mongkol is very convenient as it is close to Nai Yang Beach and Phuket International Airport. So it is becoming popular for tourists and Thai Buddhists. The nearby hotels offer tourists a chance to visit the beautiful temple. The architecture is outstanding.

There is a large ordination hall with a double roof and is amazing with its beautiful murals of Buddha’s biography on its façade. Wat Mongkol is a must-visit religious attraction in Phuket.


Kio Thiam Keng Saphan Hin Shrine

Kio Thiam Keng Saphan Hin Shrine

Several other buildings that can be found here include a 21×40 meter open hall for sermon listening, shrine hall and 8 houses of monks. Originally named “Wat Nai Yang” after the name of the house, it was assumed that the villagers built it together with Reverend Father Nang Suea as the chairman and became the first abbot.

The former temple’s location was a forest with many kinds of wildlife. In the reign of Phra Samuhreng Nonthiyo was the abbot. He has changed from the original name to “Wat Mongkhol Wararam” continues to this day and received a Wisung Kham Sima award in 1912.

In terms of education, the dharma teaching opened in 1947. Moreover in 1979, the temple has built and established the child development center. It was said that Reverend Father Nang Suea worn only three pieces of cloth dyed with astringent water.

When sitting or lying down, he will use tiger skin first regularly, so the villagers call him “Luang Por Nang Suea.” He was a strict person, specialized in Buddhism and magic. After his death, devotees built a statue of him as a place of worship at the monument of Luang Pho Nang Suea.