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Have you ever experienced being close to elephants? If not, you can experience this in elephant sanctuaries in Thailand. You will have an amazing exposure and interaction with elephants that you will always cherish. Elephants are charming and harmless creatures, they are an asset in Thailand. By visiting elephant sanctuaries, we can contribute to the preservation of elephants.

The elephant is a national symbol of Thailand and is home to about 3,500 tamed and 3,340 wild elephants. Thailand has a great number of elephant sanctuary parks, some of them are ethical but some are not ethical, and are not eco-friendly. Ethical and social elephant sanctuaries treat animals with care and respect. Thailand offers tourists to have a unique experience with elephants at the elephant sanctuaries parks.

Memorable Times

They get the amazing opportunity to interact and spend time with elephants by giving them baths or walking with them through the forest. They can also feed elephants the appropriate food, ride on them, and of course take memorable pictures with them.

The elephant sanctuaries parks in Thailand provide a safe shelter and home for elephants where, sick, retired, and tortured animals are kept with care and love. They keep elephants in sanctuaries to protect and rescue them from any abuse or injury. Most of the sanctuaries in Thailand focus on taking care of rescued elephants.

Any volunteer can work at Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand to support elephant conservation projects and take care of the elephants that have been rescued by the tourism industry. There are every kind of tourist visiting elephant sanctuaries parks, but they are unaware of the fact that elephant riding in Thailand is considered barbarous and vicious.

At an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, you can take care of injured elephants and protect them from any harm or mishandling. You can also inform tourists at the same time how elephants should be treated. Locals and tourists can work for one of the many elephant programs in the Chiang Mai area and help restore Thai elephants.

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Environmental Conservation Project

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is an ethical and feasible environmental conservation project based in Thailand. You will see elephant sanctuaries mainly in these places namely Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Samui. The elephant sanctuaries are made to bring a positive change in society and in the treatment of animals, especially the huge creature elephants. There is hope that in the future elephants are not hunted illegally, ridden, overworked, or mistreated, and are treated with care, love, and respect.

The biggest elephant sanctuary park in Chiang Mai is Elephant Nature Park. It is a great place for elephants as it provides a natural environment for elephants by planting trees. You can socialize with elephants, play with them and give baths to them.

Elephant Hills Sanctuary is located in the Khao Sok National Park. It is a shelter for many rescued elephants where they live freely with care and love. They live in the dense forest of Khao Sok Park happily. Tourists can spend 2 to 3 days here and spend a happy time with elephants by playing, feeding, and walking with them. It offers some great attractions for tourists as they can enjoy kayaking and the natural landscapes of Khao Sok Park. They can go trekking through the dense forest and also learn about the elephants in an ethical way.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Phuket is the best place for elephant lovers. Here you will see a number of elephants that are rescued from many tourist attractions where they were kept in custody and ill-treated. Now they are in the safe hands of volunteers and foreigners who take care of this beautiful and harmless creature.

Programs for Tourists

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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket offers different programs for tourists including a half-day program, a feed, and shower program, and a feed the elephant program.  By adopting these programs, you will get a chance to socialize with elephants. You will feed and play with elephants on the ground and in the mud. You can also shower with them and enjoy the time with the elephants.

You can also visit Phang Nga Elephant Sanctuary Park which works for the safety and welfare of the elephants. It is a good place for elephants with thick forests to roam freely. You can also visit the center to learn more about the history of elephants and the conservation program in Thailand.

Most of the elephant sanctuaries in Thailand are home to elephants and they do not mistreat elephants and earn money. They spend the money which they got from tourists on taking care of elephants. You cannot ride on elephants at a social elephant sanctuary in Thailand. You will also learn about the background of elephants and how they are cared for. Most importantly there has been a notable reduction in the ill-treatment of elephants in Thailand, even though there is still work to be done.