Things you Should Know in Local Culture of Thailand

Thailand is a diverse country with many ethnicities and cultures, but much of Thailand’s culture comes from the ethnic Thai people. One of the most important influences on local culture in Thailand is Buddhism. Their traditions and beliefs stem from Buddhism. 70 million people, almost two-thirds are from Thai ethnic groups and the rest of the population is made up of Chinese, and minorities.

Bangkok Local Culture

Bangkok is a metropolitan city with rich culture and history. It is modern with amazing buildings and skyscrapers. The culture can be found on every street corner, in the food, language, dance, music, clothes, the arts, and ancient Buddhist temples.

Bangkok is an excellent city to explore Thai culture, traditions, and entertainment. You will be captivated by the city’s vibrant culture, history, lively atmosphere, and countless entertainment options. You can explore the spiritual side of Thai culture by visiting the beautiful Buddhist temples.

If you want to see the local culture, you should definitely visit Chinatown, Old Siam Area, Chao Phraya River houses, Wat Ratchanatdaram, Wat Pathum Wanarum, etc.

Chinatown is a famous place for travelers for colorful nightlife, street food, shopping, bars, and much more. Here you will see the enthralling culture of Bangkok. There are great shopping malls, which offer a wide range of local and international brands, but also offer an exciting glimpse into Bangkok’s culture. Siam is a fascinating shopping complex, where locals gather and socialize with each other. Siam is considered an entertainment hub as well as a shopping center.

Unique Cultural Heritage

Bangkok has the Chao Phraya River. If you want to see the amazing local culture of Bangkok, you must travel by boat and see the old houses, and architecture of the local people. There are many communities and old settlements around the Chao Phraya River, that have unique cultural heritage. You can also experience a river cruise to view the main attractions of the city, such as the Grand Palace, and Wat Arun.

You can enjoy the delicious dinner, great ambiance, and spectacular views of the temple and Grand Palace. Wat Ratchanatdaram is a royal temple also known as a ( Loha Prasat ) metal temple. It is one of a kind on the Bangkok skyline. It has 37 black metal spires which symbolize the 37 virtues that are essential to reach enlightenment.

Wat Pathum Wanarumis also a royal Buddhist temple located between the central world and the Siam Paragon shopping mall. It is also known as the lotus temple. In the courtyard, you will see a large number of Buddha images, and the main Buddha image Phra Si Maha Poh. It is a popular spot for Thai worshippers, who came here for praying. This area is decorated with lotus flowers and lights.

Phuket Local Culture

Phuket is not only famous for its stunning islands and beaches but also popular for its rich culture, tradition, and performative arts. They are highly appreciated in Phuket by locals and foreigners. They diligently perform rituals, prayers, festivals, and ceremonies, in their temples.

You can see the real local culture of Phuket in the Old Town Area, Koh Panyee Floating Village, and Chalong Area. If you want to explore the local culture of Phuket, you must visit Old Town Phuket. Here you can visit old temples, shophouses depicting Sino Portuguese architecture, fascinating cafes, and restaurants. Strolling around the town can show you the diversity of ethnicities, and religions.

Koh Panyee Floating Village depicts the unique culture and history of Phuket. It is a Muslim community, made up of tall limestone cliffs. There are a number of small houses, huts, hotels, shops, schools, and mosques over the island. They offer a unique local living environment.

Amazing Landmarks

Chalong is quite popular for historical sites and spectacular landmarks that depict the true history and local culture of the region. You can see the cultural heritage in the art and architecture of Wat Chalong, Big Buddha, and other important sites.

Wat Chalong is an ancient Buddhist temple that is the center of the powerful faith of Phuket. Its architecture and wall paintings are incredible and show the true spirit of Buddhism. Locals and international visitors visit this sacred place to pray and learn more about Thai culture and history.