Street Foods, Seafoods, Desserts, Tropical Fruits and Drinks

Thailand is famous and known for its delicious foods and drinks all over the world. Thai food is tasty, healthy and quite varied with numerous dishes containing mixed spices, rice, or noodles. Once you visit Thailand and try out the food, you will come back again for its light and mouthwatering food.

Thailand is a heaven for all foodies. Here you will find a variety of Thai food in different flavors.  They offer a blend of Western, Chinese, Muslim, and Indian cultures in their foods and drinks. Thai people and visitors eat and drink regularly so they have a variety of drinks and food for you. Thailand is famous for its street food, ingredients, seafood, and desserts.

It is one of the biggest tropical fruit exporters in the world. Thailand has rich tropical fruits like mangosteen, mango, star fruit, pineapple, pomelo, dragon fruit, guava, durian, rambutan etc. Here, you can enjoy a variety of tasty food and drink at reasonable prices.

Delicious Food in Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is famous for its delicious cuisine. Here you can experience the light and spicy Thai dishes. Here you will find a variety of seafood with a mix of spice, sour, sweet, and sauces. You will experience the best Asian Food in Thailand. The food has a rich aroma, colors, taste, and flavors with the topping of red and green chilies, coconut or citrus, etc.

You can find all Thai and international food styles in Bangkok, from southern curries to smooth northern cuisine. If you are in Bangkok you must eat a Deep-Fried omelet, Pad Thai, Tom Yum seafood, Khao Man Gai, Pat Krapao, and Crispy Pork. Thai people love to drink with every meal so you will find many drink options to choose from. Chai Yen, fruit shakes, aromatic coffees, and local beers such as Chang, Singha, Leo are popular drinks in Thailand. Bangkok is a great place for all the foodies.

Delicious Food in Phuket

Thai food is well renowned for its amazing flavors, fresh ingredients, and a perfect blend of sweet, sour, and saucy tastes. Phuket is a popular holiday destination with stunning beaches and resorts, so you will enjoy fresh local ingredients, especially seafood, grilled meat, and fishcakes.

You can find the best local foods and drinks in Phuket’s old town area. There are several food stalls and restaurants that offer various kinds of mouth-watering food. You can eat barbecued meat or sticky rice. You can also try another local dish Hokkien Mee Noodles or Dim Sum which is a taste of Chinese fusion. If you love food, you will love Phuket.

It is one of the most culturally diverse destinations in Thailand. Here you will find Thai food, Chinese food, Malay Food, Muslim food, and Indian food. Phuket is blessed to have an abundance of tropical fruits, fresh vegetables, and seafood. If you are vegetarian, you will find lots of variety of vegetable dishes to choose from. While enjoying in Phuket, make sure you stay hydrated in the heat, so you can enjoy many drinks such as healthy juices, sweet milk tea, coffee, beer, and coconut water.

Here are some of the popular Thai dishes which you should eat, and you will surely love them. Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup, Pat Khaprao, Thai biryani, and yellow curry chicken are a few yummy dishes that you should definitely eat. Pad Thai is one of Thailand’s national dishes and is popular among tourists. It is a fried noodle dish that is available on almost every street corner and is cheap and delicious. Yum Goong is a traditional dish. It is a mixture of spicy prawn and sour soup. It is one of the favorite dishes of Thai people. It is sour, spicy, and tasty.