Islands, Beaches, Skyscrapers, Temples, Floating Markets, Viewpoints

Thailand is a popular tourist country to be explored. It offers islands, beaches, skyscrapers, temples, floating markets, viewpoints, national parks, and much more. It offers a wide range of day trips which can take you to beautiful cities and magnificent landmarks. So you can plan your vacation to Thailand to see the wonderful places and diverse culture in a few days.

Best Day Trips from Bangkok

Most of the best places to visit in Thailand are only a day’s trip away from Bangkok and you will be surprised to see them. Bangkok is a great point to explore nearby cities, islands, ancient ruins, and national parks. You can have day trips from Bangkok to the Old Kingdom of Ayutthaya, to the amazing national parks like Erawan National Park and Khao Yao National Park, Pattaya, Kanchanaburi, etc.

There are many day trip options in a wide range of transport for travelers. They offer joined or private transfer options at different prices. You can experience the real culture and traditions of Thailand on a day trip by visiting fascinating landmarks. The city appeals to all types of visitors, whether you want to absorb the culture or just love food, it has all.

Bangkok is famous for its floating markets in Southeast Asia. Travelers love to visit the Damneon Saduak Floating Market. It is one of the most popular day trips in Bangkok. You will see different shops and stalls selling everything from fruits, and vegetables to souvenirs and local street food. Here you can enjoy shopping, local culture, and Thai food.

You can have a memorable day trip from Bangkok to the province of Kanchanaburi. It has a famous bridge on the River Kwai, also known as the death railway. Travelers can also visit the Jeth War Museum and learn about its history. You can also have an amazing day trip to Khao Yao National Park to experience nature.

Here you will see wildlife, forest, lakes, waterfalls, hiking trails, and much more. You can also make your excursion to Pattaya on a day trip from Bangkok. Pattaya is well known for its beaches, nightlife, and stunning scenery. Your Tour Desk offers well-organized private day trips to Pattaya from Bangkok.

Best Day Trips from Phuket

Phuket is a gateway to many beautiful islands, beaches, and national parks. There are many day trips for travelers to explore the places around Phuket. You can have joined or private trips at different prices to choose from. You can go to Krabi on a day trip from Bangkok and Phuket.

Krabi is popular for its beautiful beaches, islands, thick forests, and huge cliffs. It is the hub of the province and the launching point for many excursions into the nearby islands, and forests. You can also avail yourself of the opportunity of taking the best day trips from Krabi.

You can take a boat trip from Phuket to visit Phang Nga Bay. Here you can have water sports activities such as kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling. You can visit James Bond Island and enjoy limestone cliffs, blue water, and natural scenery.

You can go to Khao Lak National Park on a day trip. It is a two-hour drive from the island of Phuket. It is a worth visiting place as it offers beautiful waterfalls, a number of parks, and natural wonders. Than Nok Khorani National Park is another tourist attraction consisting of many forests, limestone mountains, islands, interesting flora, fauna, etc.

The main flora is an evergreen forest, as well as plenty of marine flora. There are 2 hiking trails, where you can hike and experience adventure.